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  1. Will the archives really be “coming soon”? I’m a new subscriber and I can only get back to #843. I’d love to get most of the previous shows if possible…..

    Thanks!! 🙂

    • You can actually access every show by searching for it on the site (or viewing by month), and then right-cicking on the “Download & Listen” icon.

  2. Ah, now I see the “Archives By Month” way down there! 🙂 Thanks! it’s a bit arduous, but it’ll do…much appreciated.

  3. wow, coverville via ipod touch COMPLETELY BLOWS! The mobile format provides about half a title so no way to figure out what is in any particular podcast (and since there are close to a thousand of them, that’s an issue). And if you mistakenly turn off mobile formatting, even though it very specifically says you can turn it back on “in the footer”, you can’t. And you’re trapped trying to navigate the horrorshow of the giant site.

    Since these are podcasts, wouldn’t you think it might be possible to spend some time making them listenable on a ‘pod ???

    • Thanks for the feedback, Joe!

      Use the free, Apple-provided Podcasts app for your iPod Touch. As you’re playing the show, tap the album art, and you’ll see a song list that lets you navigate to each and every section of the episode. Just by tapping, you can get to any track in the show. Most podcasts don’t provide a chapterized AAC version of their podcast. But I do. Because I care about listeners like you, Joe.

      It’s just one of those ways that I make Coverville listenable on a ‘pod. Enjoy!

  4. Hi there. Just ordered the first 800 episodes. Very excited to get the set. I went to the database to take a look at what I will be getting and no matter what page I click on I only see results for the first 13 shows. Is this operator error?! Thanks so much.

    • Hi Marcy – the easy way to do it is to right-click (or option-click, if you’re on a Mac) on each episode’s download link. This will download the show to your hard drive and you can drag it into iTunes. With over 1000 shows, the feed is simply too large to contain EVERY episode, so our sacrifice is to only have the most recent dozen or so.

      The even easier way to do it is to buy the Coverville Archive DVD, which contains every episode from 1 to 1000 on 6 DVDs. You mount those DVDs on your computer, and drag the contents into iTunes:

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