Coverville 1180: Cover Stories for Daniel Ash, Peter Murphy and Juliana Hatfield, and some bonus Indie Hodgepodge!

July 27, 2017

Short cover stories for Bauhaus’ Peter Murphy and Daniel Ash, and Juliana Hatfield! And since there’s a little extra time – some Indie Hodgepodge I’ve been meaning to get to! (73 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Ziggy Stardust Bauhaus 3:13 David Bowie Songbook David Bowie 10
Fun Time Peter Murphy 3:48 Love Hysteria iggy Pop
Hit Song Soft News 4:27 Used Melodies Peter Murphy
So Alive Better Than Ezra 3:25 New Tales To Tell: A Tribute To Love And Rockets Love & Rockets
Ready For Love Juliana Hatfield 4:17 Covers Bad Company 2
Spin The Bottle Penny Loafers 2:31 Diesel Juliana Hatfield
Needle In The Hay Juliana Hatfield 4:13 Say Yes! A Tribute to Elliott Smith Elliott Smith 3
It’s Only Rock & Roll Juliana Hatfield 4:19 Daytrotter Session - 5/14/2009 Rolling Stones 2
867-5309/Jenny Billy Coulter & The Half Smokes 4:24 Submission Tommy Tutone 7
Bad Romance Portland UK 3:17 Acoustic Pop Songs 2017 Lady Gaga 10
Human Raphael Tschernuth feat. Emily Intsiful 3:43 Cinematic Covers Rag'n'Bone Man
Heart Shaped Box Jack Barnett 3:32 Covers Nirvana 4
Folsom Prison Blues Left On Red 2:34 Tracks Johnny Cash 13
Go Your Own Way Dean Dyson 2:42 Street Life Fleetwood Mac 8
Separate Ways Warmen Feat. Pasi Rantanen 5:26 Japanese Hospitality Journey 3
Psycho Killer Showroom 4:27 Psycho Killer Talking Heads 18


  1. Thanks for making my I-405 drive in LA less brutal for the last 7 years.

    Juliana Hatfield: “Ready for Love”
    I’m probably not the first to make this comment: Juliana Hatfield’s “Ready for Love” is not a Bad Company cover, but a Mott the Hoople cover (unless there is a deeper story). And, the Bad Company cover is good. But in the Mott the Hoople’s original version you can hear the genuinely deep emotional cry of a person who is really ready for love. Worth a listen.

    Which leads me to ask about a possible Mott the Hoople cover show (? please). And not an Ian Hunter cover show, of which you can find a treasure of covers there. But specifically a Mott the Hoople cover show.
    But, if you must, an Ian Hunter is OK if you can’t come up with enough Mott the Hoople.
    And, Mott the Hoople has a great cover of Lou Reed’s, “Sweet Jane”.

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