Coverville 127: Another All-A Capella Extravaganza

September 1, 2005

Doops, Shoops, and Ba-Dum-Dum-Dums. It can only mean one thing. Another all-A Cappella Coverville. Here are some great tunes that you usually don’t hear sans instruments:

Title Artist Original Artist:
Pride (In The Name Of Love) Double Treble U2
Accidentally In Love The Shabbatones Counting Crows
Limp Off The Beat Fiona Apple
Tempted Rockapella Squeeze
Is She Really Going Out With Him? The Hangovers Joe Jackson
Kashmir House Jacks Led Zeppelin
Mexico Exit 69 James Taylor
Walking In Memphis Bison Chips Marc Cohn
Stand By Me Toxic Audio Ben E. King

41 minutes |

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  1. This makes me even sadder than usual that you can’t grab the individual songs – I’ve got about 2.2 gigs of a cappella (mostly collegiate, and mostly cds I’ve bought legally and then ripped). Of course, I already have one of the songs (The House Jacks is a truly amazing group, and I went and bought a bunch of their cds when I saw them live last year), and I’ve got other a cappella covers of a handful of the others – the UMichigan Compulsive Lyres’ Limp (off BOCA2002), the Rockapella’s Stand By Me, and Walking In Memphis by both the UMichigan Dicks & Janes and Conn College Co Co Beaux (courtesy of BOCA97). I love a cappella.

  2. Hi Brian!
    I loved your a capella intro. It totally made me smile. Thanks!

    Maura in Sendai Japan

    Okay, now my requests!
    Ra – Every Little Thing She Does is Magic by Sting
    Ugly Kid Joe – Cat’s in the Cradle

    Both are available on iTunes.

    Thanks again!!

  3. Just found your podcast on iTunes, and it’s awesome!! A friend of mine had shown me some ‘Me First & The Gimme Gimmies’, and i fell in love with it. Then i started to go to more and more live concerts of local bands, and i found the best songs often were covers, because i already knew all the words! It was like experiencing music again for the first time! Anyways, just wanted to say thanks! Keep up the good work!

  4. I’m surprised with your love of The Beautiful South you didn’t use any of The Housemartins’ acapella covers. (Paul Heaton’s previous band) Their version of He Ain’t heavy makes me cry. Keep on keeping on Brian, here’s to year 2

  5. Great show! If you ever do another a capella show, I recommend checking out the MIT Logarhythms. I saw them twice and their versions of pop songs were very cool.

  6. I was very excited to see the Bison Chips on your show. As an alum of Bucknell, I know a few people who are former members of that group. I also am a big fan of Rockapella. Great job on tonight’s show.

  7. I always go for A Cappella.

    You don’t seem to have done a Leonard Cohen cover story. Please think about it.


  8. Hi…Just discovered this wonderful site and subscribed in iTunes 4.9. However, it appears that I can only download issues 113+. Does anyone know if there is any way to download the other issues using iTunes (I know you can download the individual mp3s but was hoping to get them all at one time)?



  9. I just wanted to second the comment above about your a cappella music intro. I was smilin’ through the whole thing, especially after learning in the previous show you had created it yourself in Garageband in the first place. When the all a capella “Cover Me” kicked in I said, “Someone had a lot of time on his hands. Cool.” 🙂

  10. Hey Brian, next time you are doing an a capella show let me know. I am a member of a choir and we often do great covers of songs, I will ask at our rehearsal if they mind sending some of our recordings to you to play on Coverville.

    I just loved listening to this issue of Coverville!!! I liked the a capella cover song too!


  11. One of my favorite shows. Like the others who posted, I never get enough of the A Capella covers. I listened to this episode like 3 times in a row this morning.

  12. Hey mate, just wanted to send you a quick note to say loved the show – my first! A lot of these music shows I end up fast forwarding through to get to a style of song I like or even recognise – but with your show my finger never even moves! Fantastic stuff.

  13. I’ve spent way too long after this episode getting caught up. This is the first audio program of any kind that motivated me to learn so much. I’ve been subscribing since Apple featured you on the itunes website, but not until the “In the name of love” cover by Double Treble have I tried to find a song and find out where you get your material. Needless to say, I was VERY SORRY that itunes didn’t have a download of the Double Treble song, but glad that I learned about the effort you’ve made to make your music podcast legal and ethical.

    In the future, have you considered helping your listeners find the music you play in a legal way? I applaud the playing of independant musicians, but would love websites AND (snail) mailing addresses to follow up with some of the less well known sources. Thanks for all you do; keep up the excellent trailblazing!


    An average male, age 30 something, earning nearly the average of your listening public, in the southern US named brian


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