Coverville 170: Son of Lost In Translation

January 19, 2006

This is a fun episode. The songs you know, in the languages you may not know them in. Here’s what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist Album (with link to Amazon.com, if available) Original Artist
Línea Telefónica (Telephone Line) Yndio Coleccion Mi Historia Electric Light Orchestra
Xanadu Menudo Menudo (Xanadu) ELO/Olivia Newton-John
Buddy Holly Bidê ou Balde É Preciso Dar Vazão aos Sentimentos Weezer
Rock El Casbah Rachid Taha Tékitoi (Who Are You?) The Clash
Tu Perds Ton Temps (Please Please Me) Petula Clark All You Need Is Covers… The Beatles
China Girl Modista Antiguos y Dorados Días del Pop David Bowie
Comme d’Habitude Claude Francois Comme d’Habitude (original version)
A Mi Marnera (My Way) Gipsy Kings Volare! – The Very Best Of The Gipsy Kings Paul Anka/Claude Francois, later repopularized by Frank Sinatra
Hey Bob .CHAOS:DIGITAL 02:00 Cyndi Lauper (She Bop)

Here is an excellent site that translates the original French version of Comme d’Habitude along with the English and Spanish versions.

44 minutes |

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  1. I think I’ve heard the Gipsy Kings before. They sound a lot like a band I heard on a CD of World Christmas music entitled, appropriately enough, “World Christmas”.

  2. Brian,

    Just found your podcast through Jonathan Coulton’s website. You are quite awesome.

    In reference to Lost in Translation, I have some Russian covers of several songs. A personal favorite is a version of the Beatles “Yesterday” sing by a guy named Claudio Villa. If you’d like to play it on your show, let me know, and I’ll try to send you an mp3.

  3. I loved the show, especially the French version of My way. If I knew you would play a cover song that sampled George Bush I would have sent in two songs that George Bush covered himself!

    One is Imagine (take a walk on the wild side) by John Lennon & Lou Reed, and the other is a U2 cover of Sunday Bloody Sunday. My favorite is his version of Imagine, the U2 song sounds abit choppy.

  4. Hey Brian – Acappella U – Ep. 8 – 1/19/06 mentions you in that podcast at the 37:20 minute mark.

    Just thought you should know.

  5. I did some looking for you and the Menudo cover of “Xanadu” was released on the album “Xanadu” in 1981. Ricky Martin joined in 1985, so he couldn’t have been on that track.

    Have you heard the Japanese language Queen medley called “Joousama Monogatari”?

  6. I have heard the Queen medley, but the copy I got sounded like it had been recorded from the radio, and the quality was horrible. Was this something that had been released somewhere else?

  7. I don’t know where it comes from. I’ve tried both Google and CD Japan to find out where this sucker comes from but so far no luck. The title I most often see for it is “Joousama Monogatari” (loosely means “Queen Story”), but past that I have no information. I do have a better quality mp3 of it.

    I wonder if it was from a Japanese variety show or something and not necessarily a track from some singing group.

  8. I was actually going to e-mail you a similar request to Brian. The artist who mixes George Bush soundbites into classic songs is RX.

    The catalog of the songs the DJ did is at thepartyparty.com.

    The version of Sunday Bloody Sunday is the second best I’ve heard besides Evergreen Terrace (who did a great covers album in their own right) but the best track from RX, in my opinion, is their mixing of “White Lines.”

    Though “My Generation” has the great sample of Hillary Clinton saying, “welcome to Washington, it goes with the territory.”

    Great show on the 20th (even if I just listened to it today)!

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