Coverville 251: The John Lennon Cover Story

October 8, 2006

Celebrating what would have been John Lennon’s 66th birthday tomorrow, here are some performers that take some of his music and present it in their own style. (Correction: in the audio of this show, I say that it would have been Lennon’s 56th birthday. This is why I need an intern.) Here’s what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist Album (with link to Amazon.com, if available) Original Artist
Imagine Susan Cadogan Mellow Dubmarine: Tribute to the Beatles John Lennon
Love Dream Academy A Different Kind of Weather John Lennon
Mind Games Hal Q: Lennon Covered John Lennon
I’m Losing You Murray Head (eMusic) Passion John Lennon
Instant Karma! Toad The Wet Sprocket Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon John Lennon
Jealous Guy Roxy Music Roxy Music – Street Life: 20 Greatest Hits John Lennon
How Do You Sleep? Icehouse The Berlin Tapes John Lennon
Imagine Eva Cassidy Imagine John Lennon

45 minutes |

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  1. Darn… I had two great covers of Imagine somewhere in my CD case which I completely forgot about. One was by David Bowie, the other by Madonna. Oh well.

  2. I’m a first time listener, and what a great show to start with!

    I’ve always loved the Dream Academy’s version of “Love” and Roxy’s version of “Jealous Guy,” so thanks for playing them!

    You’ve got a new subscriber…

  3. Hi Brian;

    yes, I’m a little behind (10 days…) in listening, but I’m still working up, what I missed when on vacation apart from any online-connection… 😉 (THAT’s what I call holiday ;-))

    You mentioned you understood “I’m losing a shoe” on Murray Head’s version of “I’m losing you”…

    I hope you know the “Kiss this guy” website – if not, check it out…

    Kiss this guy

    bw, doc.
    PS: You know what is missing in this posting – fill in yourself, here are the keywords:
    – fine show
    – good work
    – keep up
    – I enjoy listening
    – bla… 😉

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