Coverville 639: The 2009 Coverville Countdown part 4

December 30, 2009

Counting down the best covers of all time, as nominated and voted on by you Coverville listeners! We’ll count down your top ten on today’s show. Plus, listen to find out how you can win a copy of Tune Up software!

55 minutes |

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10 Album

A Day In The Life
Jeff Beck
In My Life
Orig. Beatles
Jeff Beck - Performing This Week - Live At Ronnie Scott's - A Day In the Life
9 Album

Romeo and Juliet
Coles Whalen
The Whistle Stop Road Record
Orig. Dire Straits
Coles Whalen - The Whistle Stop Road Record - Romeo and Juliet
8 Album

Gin and Juice
The Gourds
Orig. Snoop Dogg
The Gourds - Shinebox - Gin and Juice
7 Album

Violent Femmes
Orig. Gnarls Barkley
Violent Femmes - Crazy - EP - Crazy
6 Album

Poker Face
Molly Lewis
Orig. Lady GaGa
5 Album

Don’t Stop Believin’
Petra Haden
Guilt By Association
Orig. Journey
Petra Haden - Guilt By Association (Bonus Track Version) - Don't Stop Believin'
4 Album

Billie Jean
Chris Cornell
Carry On
Orig. Michael Jackson
Chris Cornell - Carry On - Billie Jean
3 Album

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Israel Kamakawiwo’ole
Alone in IZ World
Orig. Judy Garland/Wizard of Oz
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Alone in IZ World - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
2 Album

All Along The Watchtower (From ‘Crossroads, Part 2’)
BT4/Bear McCreary
Battlestar Galactica: Season Three
Orig. Bob Dylan
Bear McCreary - Original Soundtrack - Battlestar Galactica: Season 3 - All Along the Watchtower
1 Album

Village Green Preservation Society
Kate Rusby
Awkward Annie
Orig. Kinks
Kate Rusby - Awkward Annie - Village Green Preservation Society

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  1. Thanks for this Brian!!

    I am so happy to see R&J at #9. This was one of the first episodes of Coverville that I listened to (#495) and it is still my favourite song that I have heard in 18 months!!

    Keep up the great work!

    – C!

  2. Congratulations on the 2009 Coverville Countdown part 4. As a new listener, my attention was caught by the delicate treatement Coles Whalen gives to Romeo and Juliet. The difference between her version and the original is the same as comparing an AP news article and a personal account of the same event. Coles is a master of mixing emotion and melody and this cover is one of the best examples of her work. The beginning chords in the version you selected are particularly beautiful. Any chance you will be offering this recording to some lucky distant listener (notice my humble hand being raised). A GREAT CHOICE for #9. Looking forward to your comments on Coles’ cover of Chasing Cars (Snow Patrol).

    • I would LOVE to hear Coles Whalen's version of Chasing Cars. I love her voice and I love the original song!!

      Any chance of hearing it any time soon Brian?



  3. I'm curious—how many people voted? How many votes did #1 get? #40?
    I ask because it always seems like there are a few obscure covers (or older covers that haven't been in the countdown before) that come out of nowhere. It seems odd that more than a few people would independently vote for them.

    • Hi James. It always surprises me too, to see which songs make it into the countdown every year. But I think it's great to see new stuff appear in the list. Like the Devics song – which seemed to come out of nowhere.

      There were several hundred votes in total, but I won't divulge any specifics. I like to keep a little mystery behind the curtains.

    • Also remember that there was a distribution of votes. This is not to say that a group's fan club couldn't have all voted and give bullet votes (i.e., all of their votes) to one song.

    • Thanks anakzaman for this. I'm a big fan of good covers and sadly have noticed the same thing: mostly these covers are independently made and cannot be found in Spotify srchives.

  4. Way behind on Coverville and I love the new countdown format. But an autotune dig at a Broadway singer? Really? I like Petra Hayden and all but Lea Michelle sings circles around her.

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