Coverville 668: This is what is sounds like…when people request covers

April 27, 2010

coverville-all-request-album.jpgSo you like your Prince covers. I get that. And on tonight’s show, you’ll get yours! Prince covers, that is – as well as a long-distance dedication, some ukulele, and some music trivia with Tina. Dig, if you will, some covers!

41 minutes |



1 Album

When Doves Cry
Pursuit Of Happiness
When We Ruled, The Best Of Pursuit Of Happiness
Orig. Prince
2 Album

When Doves Cry
Damien Rice
Like A Version
Orig. Prince
3 Album

I Would Die 4 U
Mariachi El Bronx
SPIN Presents Purplish Rain
Orig. Prince
4 Album

Two Little Hitlers
Todd Rundgren
Nearly Human
Orig. Elvis Costello
Todd Rundgren - Nearly Human - Two Little Hitlers
5 Album

La La La La Lemon
Barenaked Ladies
For the Kids
Orig. Sesame Street
Barenaked Ladies - For the Kids - La La La La Lemon
6 Album

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra
The Dreaming EP
Orig. Toto

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  1. "Africa" is a really hard song to do. Really great cover.

    Bryan, I don't know if you've played it yet, but by far the best cover of "When Doves Cry" is an acoustic version by Luka Bloom.

  2. My favorite When Doves Cry cover is an R&B cover from a few years ago by “Ginuwine” that has such memorable line alterations as “The sweat of your body covers G,” and “Pimps like me strike curious poses.” It was pretty ridiculawesome. Brian, you have to put that on a Coverville episode.

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