Coverville 720: The Eagles Cover Story

November 11, 2010

coverville-cover-story-album.jpgHey, you know who had a birthday recently? Glenn Frey of the Eagles. Hey, you know what I should do? An Eagles Cover Story. Yeah, that pretty much sums up how this Coverville Cover Story came to be. And Dave in Peoria suggested it.

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Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album The Long Run Reel Big Fish Fame, Fortune, And Fornication Eagles The Long Run - Fame, Fortune, and Fornication
2 Album I Can’t Tell You Why Chromeo Uncovered 2 Eagles I Can't Tell You Why (DJ-KiCKS) - I Can't Tell You Why (DJ-KiCKS) - Single
3 Album Witchy Woman Kristin Chenoweth Bewitched – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Eagles Witchy  Woman - Bewitched (Music from the Motion Picture)
4 Album Lyin’ Eyes Lipstik Everything Is Good Eagles Lyin' Eyes - Everything Is Good
5 Album Hotel California Pink Turtle Pop In Swing Eagles
6 Album Take It To The Limit Etta James Gold Eagles Take It to the Limit - Deep In the Night
7 Album Desperado The Langley Schools Music Project Innocence & Despair Eagles Desperado - Innocence and Despair
8 Album One Of These Nights CMH World Hotel Honolulu: The Hawaiian Tribute to The Eagles Eagles One of These Nights - Hotel Honolulu: The Hawaiian Tribute to the Eagles
9 Album Best Of My Love Yvonne Elliman The Best Of Yvonne Elliman Eagles Best of My Love - The Best of Yvonne Elliman
10 Album Love WIll Keep Us Alive Paul Carrack Blue Views Eagles Love Will Keep Us Alive - A Different Hat

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  1. Just listened to this. Great show, Brian. I especially liked “Hotel” and “I Can’t Tell You Why.” Chromeo is a great band (duo) because they have one singer and one guy who blatantly uses autotune (and other effects) and they make no bones about it. Yvonne Elliman was quite a surprise and I agree with you about Paul Carrack – one of my top 5 all-time favorite singers! Smoothest voice in pop/rock ever.

  2. I just recently discovered your show and am catching up on recent episodes. Wanted to mention that Paul Carrack actually co-wrote “Love Will Keep Us Alive” which may explain why he covered it…I doubt it has been covered many times.

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