Coverville 948: Even though we ain’t got cover requests, I’m so in love with you honey

March 21, 2013

Cov allrequest

Requests! Covers of Survivor, Paul Simon, The Ramones and a double-shot of Level 42 (would that be 84?). All this, and trivia with Tina! (67 minutes)



  Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 Danny’s Song Storyhill Duotones Gator Creek/Loggins & Messina  
2 Eye Of The Tiger The Rural Alberta Advantage Drain The Blood Survivor  
3 I Wanna Be Sedated Blake Babies Epilogue Ramones  
4 Something About You Casual Casual Level 42  
5 Lying Still Electric Youth Buffetlibre Rewind 2 Level 42  
6 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover G. Love Fixin’ To Die Paul Simon  
7 Rolling in the Deep Ryan Lerman Pinstripes, the Sky Adele  
8 That’s Alright Mama Robin Trower Roots And Branches Elvis Presley  
9 Damsel (As I Went Out One Morning) Tribe After Tribe SA Rock Gold Bob Dylan  
10 Tracks of My Tears Pharaohs Awakening Smokey Robinson & The Miracles  

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  1. Thanks for playing the Tribe After Tribe track. I know I’d requested it in the past and though it wasn’t in response to my request I’m glad to hear more South African tracks anyway.

    Looking back through the magic of Gmail archival I find that I requested it in an email back in 2005. Here’s what I said.

    The other song is Bob Dylan’s As I went Out One Morning. It was
    covered by Tribe After Tribe in 1983, on their first album, Power, and
    I much prefer their version to the original. Tribe After Tribe were
    (or are, as I think they may still be together) led by Robbi Robb
    (http://www.robbirobb.com) and moved to the US in the late 80s. They
    released an album as late as 2002 and Robbi has been involved in
    several other projects.

    Looking at Robbi’s site now I see that he has sub-sections for each of the bands he has been involved with including one for Tribe After Tribe.

    I look forward to hearing more South African artists played on Coverville.

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