Coverville 1101: It’s a nice day for a hyberballad: Cover Stories for Bjork and Billy Idol

November 18, 2015

Two artists that ruled MTV in their prospective decades, Bjork and Billy Idol, and they’re both celebrating birthdays coming up! Let’s take a cover-smothered look at their catalogs, shall we? (80 minutes)



Title Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Versions Buy
Venus as a Boy The Violet Jive 4:02 Venus as a Boy Bjork 2
Army of Me (feat. Unwoman) Professor Shyguy 3:47 History 1-1 Bjork
Big Time Sensuality The Starting Line 3:11 Punk Goes 90's Bjork
I Remember You Bjork 4:12 Venus as a Boy (single) Johnny Mercer/Jimmy Dorsey
Hyperballad Whitley 4:26 No Man's Woman Bjork 7
Joga Sonos 4:46 SONOSings Bjork 5
Hidden Place Notes From The Edge 4:53 Notes From The Edge Bjork
Like Someone in Love Bjork 4:33 Debut Dinah Shore
Human Behaviour Our Flying Saucer 3:42 Further Beyond the Sea Bjork
The Hunter Kaitlyn Ni Donovan 4:35 Read: Interpreting Bjork Bjork
It’s Oh So Quiet Betty Hutton 3:09 Somebody Loves Me Unknown Artist
Dancing With Myself Taylor Locke 2:48 Here Comes the Reign Again: The Second British Invasion Billy Idol 3
Cradle Of Love Bad Influence 3:31 Skön Lång Titel Billy Idol
Eyes Without A Face Juliet Lyons 4:32 Stopover Billy Idol 4
White Wedding The New Morty Show 3:26 Undercover Vol.1 - The Greatest Songs You've Never Heard Billy Idol 13
Rebel Yell (Trip) The Bangkok Five 5:04 Under The Covers Billy Idol
Tomorrow Never Knows Billy Idol 4:04 Butchering the Beatles - A Headbashing Tribute Beatles 20


    • It’s one of those where most people pronounce it the “English” way and rhyme it with fork but when you hear it pronounced by Icelandic speakers it rhymes more with work. http://forvo.com/word/bj%C3%B6rk/

      I’d always tried to say it properly but I’ve given up as too many people pronounce it the other way.

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