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Guest schedule (subject to change without notice!):

Time (all times MTN) Scheduled Guest and ADDITIONAL ITEMS they’ll be adding to that hour’s giveaway
10am-11am Kickoff with Tina!
11am-1230pm (ish) FilmSack with Scott Johnson, Brian Dunaway and Randy Jordan
12:30pm-1pm Tom Merritt (Win a copy of Citadel 32 and Year in Tech History!)
2pm-3pm Nicole Spagnuolo (Win a MYSTERY BOX with goodies from Blizzcon, Nerdtacular and Loot Crates!)
3pm-4pm Dan Klass form The Bitterest Pill
5pm-6pm TMSPM with Scott Johnson
6pm-7pm Garrett and Jocelyn (and hopefully Dills) from The Angry Chicken
8pm-9pm Tim & Michele from Five Hundy By Midnight (Win a signed copy of Tim’s new book, “The Outsider’s Guide to Las Vegas”)
9pm-10pm Corrinne Lewis
10pm-11pm Jennie Josephson and Matt Flanagan from Tell It Anyway (Win a 1-hour script-writing/storytelling session)
11pm-12am Scott Fletcher (Win 5 Custom-scripted ringtones- perfect for when your ex-girlfriend calls)
2am-4am Sebastiaan, the Mashupman (Win Andrew Allen & Natalie Gelman albums, plus Loot Crate goodies!)
6am-7am Hammond Chamberlain from Beyond The Playlist
7am-8am Panel X Panel with Charles McFall, Uncle George and Paul Klotz (Win a box of Loot Crate goodies)
8am-9am Breaking the Panel with Charles McFall, Uncle George and Paul Klotz