Episode(s) Artist Length Artwork Album Original Artist Year Buy
Heidemann 3:06 Tease Torment Tantalize: A 30th Anniversary Tribute To The Smiths’ Debut Smiths 2015
Among The Oak & Ash 2:55 Among The Oak & Ash Smiths 2009
DJ Eric Ill & Eva O. 3:36 Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before - A Tribute to the Smiths Smiths 2007
Read Yellow 4:34 How Soon Is Now?: The Songs Of The Smiths By... Smiths 2004
Placebo 3:54 Sleeping With Ghosts Smiths 2003
Slapshot 3:04 The World Still Won't Listen: A Tribute To The Smiths Smiths 2000
Placebo 3:50 The Smiths Is Dead Smiths 1996