1. Apart from the Puppini Sisters (didn't make it past their opening vocals), this was fantastic.

    Now, how about fulfilling the unfulfilled request for a Vince Clarke cover story?!

  2. What a show, Johnny Marr is my guitar hero, saw The Smiths play at Brixton Academy and is in the top 3 concerts, would love to have seen him with TheThe, as the collaboration of Johnny Marr and Matt Johnson was perfect.
    I just wish Matt would release more music.
    Thanks Brian

  3. Good call on the Vince Clarke cover story… has there been a Martin L Gore cover story? and give the Puppini Sisters a try.

  4. Good call yourself on the Martin Gore cover story – no there hasn't been.

    I'd rather listen to Radiohead than the PS, and anyone who knows me will understand that this means I must REALLY not enjoy the PS!!

  5. I hate to break up the fun but Johnny Marr was not yet a member of Modest Mouse when they released 'Float On' so there really is no connection to the song.

  6. Hi–I’m new to Coverville. I was on a road trip with my husband and he played a bunch of Coverville podcasts while I was driving. I loved them! I think I need to be here! Question: We heard show 1081, Tom Jones and Nancy Sinatra. Tom Jones did Good Morning Blues and it blew me away, but I don’t see it on the list of songs I can buy, and I can’t find it anyplace online. Maybe I’m challenged…can you help me find that song??

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