1. Wayne From the UK

    Apart from the Puppini Sisters (didn't make it past their opening vocals), this was fantastic.

    Now, how about fulfilling the unfulfilled request for a Vince Clarke cover story?!

  2. Kelvin

    What a show, Johnny Marr is my guitar hero, saw The Smiths play at Brixton Academy and is in the top 3 concerts, would love to have seen him with TheThe, as the collaboration of Johnny Marr and Matt Johnson was perfect.
    I just wish Matt would release more music.
    Thanks Brian

  3. Kelvin 'also fr

    Good call on the Vince Clarke cover story… has there been a Martin L Gore cover story? and give the Puppini Sisters a try.

  4. Wayne From The UK

    Good call yourself on the Martin Gore cover story – no there hasn't been.

    I'd rather listen to Radiohead than the PS, and anyone who knows me will understand that this means I must REALLY not enjoy the PS!!

  5. Kelvin also from the

    O.K. I get the point….



  7. tinshaker

    I hate to break up the fun but Johnny Marr was not yet a member of Modest Mouse when they released 'Float On' so there really is no connection to the song.

  8. No fun broken up at all, tinshaker! Have you listened to the episode yet? I actually talk about that very thing!

  9. Martha

    Hi–I’m new to Coverville. I was on a road trip with my husband and he played a bunch of Coverville podcasts while I was driving. I loved them! I think I need to be here! Question: We heard show 1081, Tom Jones and Nancy Sinatra. Tom Jones did Good Morning Blues and it blew me away, but I don’t see it on the list of songs I can buy, and I can’t find it anyplace online. Maybe I’m challenged…can you help me find that song??

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