Coverville 370: Cover to Cover Interview: Allison Crowe

October 9, 2007

This is an interview from last March with the beautifully-voiced Canadian singer/songwriter Allison Crowe. Check out her website for her CDs, podcast and audio samples. Here’s on what’s on the show tonight:

Title (with link to iTunes, if available) Artist (with link to the artists’ website, if available) Album (with link to Amazon.com, if available) Original Artist
A Murder Of One Allison Crowe Live at Wood Hall Counting Crows
Throw Your Arms Around Me Allison Crowe Studio B Hunters & Collectors
Time After Time Allison Crowe Studio B Cyndi Lauper
A Case Of You Allison Crowe This Little Bird Joni Mitchell

35 minutes |

Check out Allison’s own podcast here!

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  1. woot! woot! thanks, very much, Brian (to you and Coverville and backbeat and CacheFly) – it’s a real treat to hear ( : and, with the broadcast date being John Lennon’s birthday, all you need is love – and music!

  2. Fantastic!

    It is a complete mystery to me why Allison is not a major star. Here’s hoping for a breakthrough. I hope to watch her play in the UK next year, and hopefully meet her and Adrian.

    Hopefully she can get feature again, and higher, in the Countdown this year.

    Go Allison go!! 🙂

  3. Wayne, when we meet, over a pint or two, we can discuss the music business. Better, though, to discuss music ( :

    We can dispense with the “biz” talk, now! I come from a background, (almost two decades), of investigating corporate crime and malfeasance. I was a forensic investigator before Enron and other scandals brought such matters into greater prominence in the public consciousness.

    When I retired from investigative practice, to return to my great love, music, and Allison and her band asked me to help them, I wondered what someone of my background could possibly find to do in the arts. It seemed, to me, as a lifelong music fan, that the recording industry was fairly functional.

    Once the record labels started knocking on Allison’s door, some four or five years ago, the education began. (One my my mentors, a veteran with Grammys and million-sellers to his name, told me in 2003: “If this industry was about talent, Allison would already be huge.” It took me another year or two to really appreciate this wisdom.) And I love the music, and the fact that Allison is succeeding in, what I’ve learned is, the sort of racket that’d make Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano proud.

    I’ve come to accept that virtually all popular musicians “play the game” to one degree or another. At first I was shocked to learn that certain artists I respect, their management and labels, even “indies”, are part of an institutionalized system of fraud and graft. Rigged charts, payola, falsified sales, ghost-writers, fabricated bios, etc. etc. – a wonderland of illusion and deception. (Then there’s the comparatively benign, but deadly to the art, standard practices of Auto-tune and other sonic fakery. Someone could do the audio equivalent of the Dove “Evolution” ad – and, imo, it’s not the obvious, the Ashlees and Britneys, that most cheat the public and themselves.) Fascinating, really – but a mighty long way from rock and roll.

    Allison has no interest in being an industry product – what Joni Mitchell knowingly calls a “style invention”. Witnessing how Ani DiFranco and her manager Scot Fisher have made their way, with integrity and care, Alley has chosen a different path. Using these folks as guides, she’s building her own career by staying true.

    A genuine, grassroots, connection with people, naturally, takes time to establish. For Alley, the internet helps make it all possible. Thanks to Brian’s Coverville, and such real forums online, artist and audience can find each other.

    Here (hear?) is to the most exciting time to be a rock musician in 30+ years!

    Thank you, everyone, we’re all part of this revolution ( :

  4. p.s. you may observe – brevity is not my strong suit – I’m not a songwriter! should my point be obscured by the verbiage, it is that Allison, following Ani’s example, is taking the path less travelled – and it’s a wonderful way to go today!

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