Coverville 592: The Richard Butler/Psychedelic Furs Cover Story

July 2, 2009


1 Album

Pretty In Pink
Danny Dean & The Homewreckers
Isn’t She Still…Pretty In Pink
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
Danny Dean & The Homewreckers - Isn't She Still... the Pretty In Pink Soundtrack Revisited - Pretty In Pink
2 Album

The Ghost In You
Square CD
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
3 Album

Love My Way
Cruel Black Dove
Buffetlibre Rewind 2
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
4 Album

Am I Wrong
Brand New
Brand New Tracks
Orig. Love Spit Love
5 Album

Heartbreak Beat
Unarmed Against the Dark
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
Feathermerchants - Unarmed Against the Dark - Heartbreak Beat
6 Album

In My Head
The Echoing Green
Songs of Innocence and Experience – Hope and Science
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
The Echoing Green - Songs of Innocence and Experience - Hope and Science - In My Head
7 Album

Sister Europe
The Berlin Tapes (Remastered)
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
8 Album

How Soon Is Now?
Love Spit Love
The Craft: Music from the Motion Picture
Orig. The Smiths
9 Album

Heaven (live Acoustic)
Buffalo Tom
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
Buffalo Tom - Birdbrain - Heaven (Live Acoustic)
10 Album

Into You Like a Train
Orig. Psychedelic Furs
Jawbreaker - Etc. - Into You Like a Train

52 minutes |

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  1. Oh my goodness that was totally awesome! Thanks, Brian. It's now my favorite episode, and not even due to the callout.

    Jason the Curator
    Albuquerque, NM

  2. i stumbled on coverville a couple months ago and have enjoyed every episode. however this is by far the best – brought back many great memories of the psych furs, love spit love and richard butler. thanks brian – keep up the fantastic work…

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