Coverville 705: The Jimi Hendrix Cover Story II

September 16, 2010

coverville-cover-story-album.jpgOn this, the 40th Anniversary of Jimi Hendrix’s death (give or a take a couple days), let’s celebrate his music by listening to some of his greatest songs, performed in different styles and by different artists.

49 minutes |



1 Album

The Wind Cries Mary
Phoenix Ash
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
2 Album

Zbigniew Holdys
Hey Jimi – Polskie gitary graj’ Hendrixa
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
3 Album

Bold As Love
John Mayer
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
4 Album

Castles Made of Sand (live)
Concrete Blonde
Mexican Moon CD5
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
5 Album

Spin 1ne 2wo
Spin 1ne 2wo
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
6 Album

Little Wing (acoustic)
The Corrs
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
7 Album

Are You Experienced?
The Lost
The Lost
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
8 Album

Purple Haze
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
9 Album

Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Angélique Kidjo
Cover The World
Orig. Jimi Hendrix
10 Album

Crosstown Traffic (feat. Gilby Clarke)
Hazy Dreams
(Not Just) A Jimi Hendrix Tribute
Orig. Jimi Hendrix

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  1. “Little Wing” is my favorite song and I’ve always loved that Corrs version. Def Leppard did a surprisingly good take on it which might make a good bonus track.

    I’ve never heard of Hazy Dreams, but I really liked their cover and it was good to hear Gilby get a shout out.

    Long live Jimi!

  2. That Corrs version rips at one’s heartstrings.

    High weirdness: Dion’s cover of “Purple Haze” made #63 on Billboard’s Hot 100 – but the Hendrix original reached only #65.

  3. Great stuff Brian. Thanks for playing that Dion cover (requested this a few years ago). The thing that gets me about it is that it is absolutely of its time. The Producers came out in 1968 too and if you think of the scene where Max and Leo go to see Roger De Bris and they first meet Lorenzo St. DuBois (LSD), this is exactly how he would have sung that song too.

  4. I enjoy Henrix covers, people put their own style in them which make them slightly different. Of course there can never be another Hendrix but its good that there are tribute bands out there. Just the other day I came across a youtube channel that had cool unique videos of Hendrix songs. I forgot the singers name, but I put it in my favorites and I will share it with you:


  5. While in the car yesterday with my hubby I turned this episode on. He is very much into music-history, mostly blues and guitars, and likes your insightful commentary Brian. I just like to listen to the mix of music 🙂

    Anyway, we got to Purple Haze and he just started laughing. And could not stop. I still don’t get it though…

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