Coverville 723: The 7th Annual Thanksgiving Double-Shot Beatles Cover Story [repost]

November 25, 2010

coverville-cover-story-album.jpgAs we do every year, let’s celebrate the holiday with an extra-large Beatles Cover Story! Have a wonderful holiday, if you’re somewhere that celebrates it! (The repost fixes the audio gap from the version posted earlier)

84 minutes |



Title Artist Album Original Artist
1 Album I’ve Got A Feeling BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad BECK: Animation Sountrack Beatles
2 Album A Day In The Life H Natural Hallam SU, Sheffield – 16 May 2010 Beatles
3 Album Dear Prudence Phish LivePhish, Vol. 13 10/31/94 Beatles Dear Prudence (Live) - LivePhish, Vol. 13 10/31/94 (Glens Falls Civic Center, Glens Falls, NY)
4 Album Help KJ Denhert Album No. 9 Beatles Help - Album No. 9
5 Album Norwegian Wood Texas Lightning Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch… Beatles
6 Album Eleanor Rigby Derek Webb Democracy, Vol. 1 Beatles
7 Album I Want To Hold Your Hand Emily Zea http://emilyzea.bandcamp.com Beatles
8 Album Nowhere Man Landon Pigg Imagine That Beatles Nowhere Man - Imagine That (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)
9 Album Here Comes The Sun Charlie Dore Abbey Road Now! Beatles
10 Album Let It Be Terry Kitchen Across Their Universe – Lowbudget Records Does The Songs Of The Beatles Beatles
11 Album Something Shirley Bassey Kitsch Lounge Riot Beatles Something - Shirley Bassey: Greatest Hits
12 Album The Word Bettye Lavette Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook Beatles The Word - Interpretations: The British Rock Songbook
13 Album I’m Happy Just To Dance With You Bachman Cummings Jukebox Beatles I'm Happy Just to Dance With You - Jukebox
14 Album Blackbird Doves Roswell Soundtrack Beatles Blackbird - Roswell (Original Television Soundtrack)
15 Album One After 909 James Apollo Mojo Presents Let It Be Revisited Beatles
16 Album Golden Slumbers Nenad Bach Band All I Want Is Freedom Beatles Golden Slumbers - All I Want Is Freedom
17 Album Julia Mno Backspin: A Six Degrees 10 Year Anniversary Project Beatles Julia - Backspin: A Six Degrees 10 Year Anniversary Project
18 Album Come Together Reamonn Come Together: A Tribute to Bravo Beatles
19 Album I’ve Just Seen a Face Jim Sturgess Across the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Edition] Beatles I've Just Seen a Face - Across the Universe (Music from the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Edition]
20 Album Back in the USSR Handsome Hank and his Lonesome Boys Live at Murmansk Beatles Back In the USSR - Handsome Hank and His Lonesome Boys - Live At Murmansk

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  1. Covering the Beatles is very hard, so congratulations for this collection, there’s a lot of smart cover, the kind of who makes you discover again a classic song. BRAVO !

  2. Bettye Lavette was my highlight, with James Apollo’s One After 909 a close second.

    But BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad?!?!?!? boy – that’s 5 minutes of my life I’m never going to get back! (I didn’t listen to the whole song though. I got distracted by some paint that was drying on the way).

    Keep up the good work!


  3. Great collection of classic Beatles classic songs! I have played it twice already while doing some computer work. However,I agree with Brian that Nenad Bach Band’s version of “Golden Slumbers” stands out.

    Congratulations to Brian for putting together enjoyable podcasts and supporting good causes at the same time. Cheers!

  4. My goodness! What a great rendition, style and tempo of “Golden Slumbers” by the Nenad Bach Band!! Now we can truly dance to the song! Congratulations Brian for such great Beatles selection.. Please extend to Nenad and his band my wholehearted congratulations for a job well done!

  5. Excellent Beatles collection! I agree that Nenad Bach band did a great job with Golden Slumbers. Music that I would always play to relax and unwind.

  6. Thank you for your compliments and my compliments to Brian, in particular I agree with “tls11823” and a brilliant cover. My take: upper left = John, upper right = Ringo, lower left = Paul, lover right = George. How do YOU see the cover? Great show, great concept. I am honored to be part of it.

  7. Fantastic show, great introduction to Coverville! You made a new fan. Also hope the artists get recognition due, some already famous and some (e.g., Nenad Bach Band) will be soon.

  8. I’m usually a Beatles purist and not a huge fan of cover versions but I think Nenad Bach’s GOLDEN SLUMBERS is brilliant. Who else would think to make this lullaby into a jumping rock number?

  9. Wow! I’ve just discovered your stuff. This is great! Q: When listening to your podcast, I love that I can jump to the time codes associated with the start of each song. When I find something I want to listen to on your website, I don’t have that option. I download the file and it streams from start to finish without my having the ability to even see the lineup of songs. It just shows a blank screen while it’s playing. Is there some other way that I could listen to some of your older episodes in a way that makes it easy for me to see what’s playing and to jump to specific time codes? Regardless, I’m really enjoying your work! Thank you, Ken

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