Coverville 883: On a dark desert highway, indie hodgepodge in my hair

July 10, 2012

Cov indiehodgepodge

A hodgepodge of excellent covers by independent artists, featuring new renditions of tunes by The Rolling Stones, John Prine, The Eagles and more! (47 minutes)



Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 That’s All Railbird Submission Fleetwood Mac
2 Hotel California Sentenza Sentenza Eagles
3 Bird on a Wire Allison Crowe World Premiere Leonard Cohen
4 Day After Day The Last Names 52 Covers Badfinger
5 One Way Out Balsam Range Papertown Allman Brothers
6 Beautiful Girl Girl in the Yellow Hat Girl in the Yellow Hat Sara Bareilles
7 Angel From Montgomery The Nancy McKeen Bluz Machine Covers John Prine
8 My Obsession hooyoosay Submission Rolling Stones
9 Summertime Ed Roth Ed Roth Gershwin
Album Summertime - Summertime - Single

Back Beat Media

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  1. “We are all just prisoners here of our own device.” It’s one thing to change words in a cover intentionally. It’s another to record a song without looking up the correct lyrics. Irks me.

  2. The end of “Angel From Montgomery” has a verse from the Grateful Dead’s “Sugaree” tacked on at the end. What a nice surprise and a clever twist.

  3. Can’t always be sure if changed lyrics are accidental or intentional. there’s a Johnny Cash tribute album which has “they say I shot a man in Reno, but that was just a lie.” I hated it, but I’m assuming intentionality.

    “Indie hodgepodge in my hair” – is there a shampoo for that?

  4. Love how GYH throws in a verse from Carole King’s “Beautiful” right in the middle of Sara B’s “Beautiful Girl”. Just a lovely, melancholy, heart-wrenching rendition of this song.

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