Coverville 915: Reeferville Madness

November 13, 2012


With Colorado recently passing a cannabis legalization amendment, it seems like that’s all anyone wants to ask me about. Well, why answer when I can use the opportunity to play covers of famous are-they or are-they-not-about-marijuana songs. (55 minutes)


Title Artist Album Original Artist More
1 You Don’t Know How It Feels Promise of Redemption Pacific Ridge Records Heroes of Classic Rock: a Tribute to Tom Petty Tom Petty
Album You Don't Know How It Feels - Pacific Ridge Records Heroes of Classic Rock: A Tribute to Tom Petty
2 The Joker Puddle of Mudd Re:(Disc)Overed Steve Miller
Album The Joker - Re:(Disc)Overed
3 Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 Rock ‘n’ Roll Soldiers Listen To Bob Dylan: A Tribute Bob Dylan
Album Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - Listen To Bob Dylan: A Tribute
4 Sweet Leaf (Live) Galactic We Love ‘Em Tonight (Live At Tipitina’s) Black Sabbath
Album Sweet Leaf (Live) - We Love 'Em Tonight (Live At Tipitina's)
5 One Toke Over The Line Storyhill Duotones Brewer & Shipley
Album One Toke Over the Line - Duotones
6 Paff, Der Zauberdrachen Marlene Dietrich La Vie En Ros Peter, Paul & Mary
Album Paff, Der Zauberdrachen - La Vie En Ros
7 Light My Fire The Black Mighty Orchestra Lounge Cover Collection One-Exclusive Chill Out Remakes Of Evergreen Pop Songs Doors
Album Light My Fire - Lounge Cover Collection One-Exclusive Chill Out Remakes Of Evergreen Pop Songs
8 Pass The Kouchie The Mighty Diamonds Reggae Gold Mighty Diamonds
Album Pass the Kouchie - Reggae Gold
9 Hash Pipe RNA Further Beyond the Sea Weezer
Album Hash Pipe - Further Beyond the Sea
10 Smoke 2 Joints Macy Gray Covered [Explicit] The Toyes
Album Smoke 2 Joints - Covered (Bonus Version)
11 What A Fool Believes Self Gizmodgery Doobie Brothers
Album What a Fool Believes - Gizmodgery

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  1. Ha, what a brilliant show and set of covers. LOVE shows like this. I am firmly a ‘never smoked’ anything, but even I fancied lighting a big one up by the time that Black Sabbath cover came on!

    All I could think of during that Marlene Dietrich song was Lili Von Schtupp and that conversation in Meet The Parents.



    “Are You A Pot Head Focker?”

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